3-Day Historic Route of Axum and its outskirts


3-day historic tour to the capital of a former powerful kingdom, which is listed in UNESCO´s World Heritage Sites.

Aksum’s importance, as the first place in the world to adopt Christianity as the State religion, is presented in the Religious route. Celebrating present day rituals, the route begins by retracing the path of the Timket procession, circulating around the Cathedral Precinct, then taking in the more important of religious endowments of the city.

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Day by Day

Day 1 – Historic Route of Axum

Pick you from Mekelle hotel and begin the journey towards Axum. After a ride of approximately 4 hours, check in at Yared Zema Hotel. After lunch, start visiting the historical and archeological site of Axum. The Aksumite route introduces the visitor to the significance of the city as the center of one of the four great Empires of the early 1st millennium AD. This is epitomized in the tablets inscribed in Greek and the local Sabaean and Ge’ez scripts describing the activities of its emperors, the monumental granite stelae and the extensive tombs, some of which have yielded grave goods that are testament to the luxury artefacts traded from China to Spain. Visitors will have a chance to explore important endowments including the tombs of Kaleb and his son Gebre Masqal, the Ezana inscription, the Quarry in Gobodra, Bête Giorgis, Adi Tsehafl and Abune Penteleon.

• Start: Mekelle Hotel
• Meals & Drinks:
• Lunch & dinner (included)
• Drinking water included (Other drinks not included)
Total roadtrip: 4 hours
Total Foot trek: 2 hours
• Overnight stay: Yared Zema Hotel

Day 2 – Yeha and Debre-Damo Monastery

After breakfast drive towards Yeha, one of the centers of the Sabaean Civilization that extended through much of Ethiopia and in to Southern Arabia, including modern day Yemen. One of the most imposing masonry structures of this culture, the 8th century BC Temple of the Moon, has walling that is largely intact up to roof level, giving a sense of the grandeur and sophistication that has a precursor to the Aksumite Empire. In the afternoon drive to visit Debre-Damo Monastery. Debre-Damo Monastery is one of the oldest churches in the world that has been in continuous use since its founding. The whole of the monastic village on the summit of an Imba is barred to women, including female animals. The trip passes through the spectacular landscape of the Adwa Mountains. Late afternoon drive to Vision Hotel for overnight stay.

• Start: Vision Hotel
• Meals & Drinks:
All meals included
Drinking water included (Other drinks not included)
• Total roadtrip: 1 hours
• Total Foot trek: 2 hours
• Overnight stay: Vision Hotel (Budget hotel located in Hawzen)

Day 3 – Abune Yemata Guh

In the morning drive 12 km to Abune Yemata Guh church where you get a tantalizing view of the rock haven mid mountain church. It is the most spectacular church in the country. It is on the Cliff side with a special location in the middle of the mountain. The hike to visit this church, perhaps nerve racking yet fantastic accomplishment, takes about two and half hours. Once back at the bottom of the mountain, mission accomplished to one of the world’s wonders. Late afternoon drive drive back to Mekelle Hotel. Refresh and in the evening attend a folkloric dinner (this is optional and not included in the price) where you will have a chance to taste several national dishes and enjoy live traditional music and dance entertainment. Traditional coffee ceremony will also be served.

• Start: Vision Hotel
• Meals & Drinks:
All meals included
Drinking water included (Other drinks not included)
• Total roadtrip: 2.30 hours
• Total Foot trek: 3 hours
• Overnight stay: Mekelle Hotel
• Transfer to the airport is included



• All activities (Unless labeled as optional)
• All accommodation
• Camping equipment
• Park fees
• A professional driver/guide
• All transportation
• All Taxes/VAT
• Meals (As specified in the day-by-day section)
• Drinking water (On all days)


• International flights (From/to home)
• Additional accommodation outside this tour package
• Folkloric dinner with live music and dance entertainment on the 3rd day in Mekelle city


$500 pp (USD)

• Rates are per person and exclude the international flight from/to your home country
• Payments can ONLY be made in U.S. dollars, Euro or British Pound sterling
• Children who are 12 years and older are eligible for this tour

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