Why choose our Hotel?

Because our hotel has everything you need to feel comfort: comfortable rooms, bar & restaurant and free WiFi connection!

  1. The convenient location in the city center
    Mekelle hotel is conveniently located (approximately 1.5 km) near the city center.
  2. Our price will surprise you
    Mekelle hotel provides rooms of different categories. The wide range of prices can satisfy any guest. Our hotel is also rated by Booking.com for the best value in Mekelle city! Our guests are getting more for their money when compared to other properties in Mekelle city.
  3. Comfortable accommodation
    All our rooms combine elements of style with modern facilities and provide you everything for a comfortable stay. All our rooms have individual bathroom with a separate bath or shower, free Wi-Fi and satellite TV.
  4. Quality service
    Mekelle hotel provides a quality service with well qualified staff, operative check-in / check-out, daily housekeeping and change of linen, towels and other services for guests.
  5. English speaking staff
    English speaking staff for foreign guests.
  6. Restaurants and caf├ęs
    In the close proximity from our hotel you can enjoy breakfast, business lunch or romantic dinner. There are many restaurants, cozy cafes and pastry shops.
  7. Shopping
    Different shops for children and adults are situated in close proximity (1.5 km) of our hotel.


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